test michael brown for steroids

Illegal drugs are not the only substances that cause aggressive behavior. Michael Brown should be tested for steroids or some other substance that increases muscles and size. I am a nurse and a veteran of the army and I have witnessed the aggression that can come from other chemicals that are not part of the illegal substance screening, but are used to increase size and strength. Many athletes are guilty of using these substances and it has a potential to make the person aggressive. That would explain why a kid would treat the store clerk in that fashion and would explain why a young man would be in a confrontation so violent with the police. ¬†This post in no way suggests that this young man deserved to die but would shed light on why he was acting aggressive and confrontational . I am disappointed that the family is not speaking on why their son treated the store clerk in such a fashion. A normal “good” kid would not have treated the clerk in such a way. The fact that the family and legal team do not explain this young man’s actions is concerning to me. I have a son and he is black but if I saw him on a video like the one of Michael Brown robbing the store, I would be morning more than his physical death.¬†